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Hello, I'm Sewell Stephens

Hi, I'm Sewell Stephens. I'm a young autistic entrepreneur that also has OCD. I first started coding back in 2016 when I acquired some basic HTML knowledge. I've since Built Rototer, Twayobiz, and Obeatow. I've also built other sites and open-source projects, those are just the most notable. As of now, I have experience in HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Tailwind. I can write in plain javascript, use libraries, install NPM packages, etc.



Lead generation and bug reporting reimagined - Visit

2022-Right now


File sharing and link shortening made smarter - Visit

2021-Right now


GDPR compliance and policy generation software - Visit



Community of SaaS founders and Web developers - Visit


Open-source projects


Stop payment bypassing - Visit


Alternative to 3rd party cookies - Visit

What I use

Zapier - Workflow automation - Like Notion but better (my opinion)

Tailwind - Great for SaaS landing pages

Hubspot - CRM

Splitbee - Better than Google Analytics

Hotjar - Lets you see how users interact on your site visually

Gitbook - Site documentation

Github - A big part of open source


HTML, CSS, Javascript, Tailwind

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